(Rae) of Sunshine (bohemeyourself) wrote,
(Rae) of Sunshine

Podfic! Somewhere to Begin

Title: Somewhere to Begin
Author: 15dozentimes
Reader: bohemeyourself 
Fandom/Pairing: bandom, Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon
Rating: teen
Length: 52 min
Summary: Spencer's life is awesome.

His schedule is full of Brendon time, Ryan and Jon's fights get more entertaining every day, this kid in band totally worships him, and the new chemistry teacher is almost as hot as Mr. Van Vleet.

But then again, the hot chemistry teacher is monopolizing Brendon's attention, Ryan keeps proving to be better at relationships than Spencer, and he'd rather not talk about the incident with his band buddy.

Okay, Spencer's life sucks.

Download link is here.
Tags: a podfic!, bandom gdi, brendon urie, ian crawford what even?, look what i did :), rps
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